CRV-REG Study News

Join us at the 10th Annual
IRVA Remote Viewing Conference, June 19-21, 2009, at the Green Valley Ranch, Las Vegas!

Keynote Speaker and Global Consciousness Project director Roger Nelson, Ph.D. will be joined by CRV-REG researchers, Paul H. Smith and Melvin Morse, M.D. discussing the latest in REG and consciousness research.
The Global Consciousness Project (GCP) is an international scientific collaboration. We record continuous parallel data sequences from physical random sources located around the world. The resulting database is assessed for correlations with physical and social variables. We ask whether the random sequences contain periods of structure during pre-specified global events. According to standard physical theory, there should be no structure at all in these random data. Yet, we find that many of the events we examine are associated with inter-node correlations in the network. Special times like the celebrations of New Years, and tragic events like the attacks on September 11, 2001, show changes that apparently are linked to shared periods of deep engagement or widespread emotional reactions. We have conducted a series of over 275 formal tests of the basic hypothesis predicting statistical deviations in data collected during events that evoke mass consciousness. The results for ten years of continuous running indicate a small but highly significant correlation, with odds on the order of 10 million to one against chance.
This is the third in a series of "Smoking Gun" presentations showing powerful evidence for the reality of remote viewing. The first "Smoking Gun" was at the 2004 Remote Viewing Conference, where I showed many accurate remote viewings done by my own students and a few others. The second "Smoking Gun" was at the 2006 Remote Viewing Conference when, thanks to public release of 90,000 pages of declassified Star Gate Program documents, I was able to show the actual results of some of the remarkably successful remote viewing work done by military remote viewers. My presentation for the 2009 Remote Viewing Conference moves on from prior work to look at the successes of a simple protocol with immense promise for now and into the future to apply the power of our non-local human minds in very practical ways. I will show you startling examples, and I will show you evidence for this potent way to use our own minds to produce valuable and useful results.
This presentation is about the protocol of Controlled Remote Viewing, not the ability to view a remote target which is the most important aspect of remote viewing for the general public. Dr. Morse defines CRV as a system of sorting and organizing mental events associated with processing information from a remote target. The goal of CRV is to have a systematic and scientific means of identifying what is information from “the matrix” via a “signal line”, and what is analytic mental noise which can obscure the signal. It is his contention that the neurobiology of remote viewing supports the concept that sensory information from “the matrix” is input into the already existing neurobiological system which creates our mental image of reality.