CRV-REG Sessions

Over the course of the experiment 24 remote viewing sessions were conducted (click on a link above to view individual sessions). Sessions were conducted simultaneously in two viewing rooms, each with their own REG and operator. Session data was recorded and cataloged by a REG number (1 or 2), a viewer number (1 through 6) and the nine-digit CRV coordinate of the target to be viewed. For ease of analysis, the sessions have been numbered chronologically 1 through 24.

Session Outline

A one-hour period was allotted for each session with the first half-hour allocated to remote viewing the target and the remaining half-hour for gathering baseline data and record keeping. As the period began, the REG operator prepared his device for the session, establishing a new REG data file, and ensuring that the device was operating. The operator then ran the REG for five minutes before the viewer entered the room, and left it running as the viewer entered, sat at the viewing table, and prepared for the session. Blank session transcript paper was provided, and appropriate administrative headings were added to the first page. Initial information in this heading included viewer number, date, and location. The viewer indicated to the REG operator that he or she was ready to begin.

The REG operator then initiated an audio recording, which electronically time stamped the audio file, and announced the start time. Both the viewer and the REG operator would note the time. The REG operator would verbalize the target coordinate and the viewer would begin the session. As the session progressed, the viewer would verbalize and write down data as specified by the CRV methodology, and generate target-relevant sketches according to CRV structure.

As the session proceeded, the operator would annotated the REG data with significant session events using the following vocabulary:
  • Start XX:XX am/pm - CRV Session Start Time
  • S1 - Beginning CRV Stage I
  • S2 - Beginning CRV Stage II
  • AI - Aesthetic Impact Break, Transitioning from Stage II to Stage III
  • S3 - Beginning CRV Stage III
  • Summary - Beginning CRV Data Summary Phase
  • End XX:XX am/pm - CRV Session End Time
Additionally, the following annotations were used for noting CRV breaks.
  • BK - AOL or other CRV break
  • RE - Resume from break
Upon completion of the session the viewer would drafted a short summary of results, declare “session end,” and note the time annunciated by the REG operator. The REG operator would proactively terminate sessions in excess of 25 minutes by requesting a viewer summary. The REG operator collected the session materials and allowed the REG to record 'baseline' data for the balance of the hour. At the conclusion of this period, the operator saved all results in a folder uniquely specified for that session.

Session Feedback

An important part of the remote viewing protocol is that whenever feasible, feedback about the target should be presented to the viewer as soon as reasonably possible after completion of the session, just so long as contamination of the experiment’s results is avoided. Feedback was withheld until all viewers had completed their sessions for that rotation, and their transcripts and other results had been secured. At this point the experimenter opened the target envelope and revealed the feedback sheet for examination by the viewers. During the feedback phase viewers were also allowed to see the REG results of their individual sessions.