CRV-REG Study Goals

The REG-CRV Study hopes to show an organizing effect between the output of a random event generator (REG) and the access of the signal line by a remote viewer during a controlled remote viewing session. If such an effect is found we hope to correlate the stages of a CRV session with non-random data in the REG output.

A further goal is to promote research by establishing a framework for additional remote viewing studies. We have included on this site all the documentation associated with the study. It is our hope that others will use our work as a template for further study and examination of the remote viewing phenomena. To that end, all the materials on this site are free to be downloaded and modifed as source materials for other experiments and studies.

Additionally, we invite those that are interested to download the REG spreadsheet data and do their own analysis and draw their own conclusions as to the significance of any observed effects.

A special thanks to all who contributed to the project through the Gabrielle Pettingell Memorial Research Fund. Our hope is that this will continue to be a vehicle to fund projects both large and small to further our understanding of remote viewing and human conciousness.

Though time consuming, this was not an expensive study and funds remain available for future projects. Proposals for project funding can be submitted to the International Remote Viewing Association at